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Tecnimusica Ltd was founded on a cold rainy day on 15th December 1984, with the name “Estudio 15

It soon began commercializing vinyl records and accessories and later added high-fidelity products to its

Musical instruments and their accessories were the next successful step taken by this company, in March
of 1988.

The decision to broaden its horizons was made in 1992 with the import and distribution of several

Dismissing some areas in favour of others, Tecnimusica Ltd has maintained professional audio
equipment, musical instruments and their accessories, audio-acoustic projects, installation and
professional assistance to all audio and lightning equipment, high-fidelity, home-cinema and, recently,
studio equipment and their full installation.

Tecnimusica Ltd is an exclusive distributor of dozens of brands in Portugal, some of them for more than
25 years.

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