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For over 60 years, Carvin has been building high-quality guitars, basses, amps and audio gear for pro and hobbyist musicians alike.


Carvin was founded in 1946 by Lowell Kiesel as the L. C. Kiesel Company in Los Angeles.  Kiesel relocated briefly to his home state of Nebraska, but returned to California in 1949, and changed the name of the company to Carvin, after his two eldest sons, Carson and Gavin.  The company began by making pickups and other accessories, then branched out to amplifiers, guitars, basses and other gear.


Today, Carvin operates an 80,000 square foot facility in San Diego, and employs over 100 people. Over one million catalogs are sent out every year to customers all over the globe, as well as email newsletters and advertisements in all the major music publications.  Carvin engineers are constantly improving the product lines, and Carvin's craftsmen build over 1000 custom guitars and basses each year.


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