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In 83' years,cooperate with the Linear Milan, which distribution in those times JBL professional and other brands, after a series of varied experiences in many areas of "electronic family".; In 87' years in a leading equipment discos me dealing support and revisions amlplifiers and speakers cabinet, commissioned from "musical service".


Finally my first achievements of the project starting 89' years: heating induction valve (goldsmiths sector); collaboration of design and implementation machinery for monitoring heard (biomedical industry), box presurrizzate (sector research centres), positioning systems exhibitions and radiation (military). Since 92' years like professionally love for the design and realizations of; Hi-Fi tube amplifiers and simultaneously, customizing guitar and bass amplifiers. In 1994 started the CICOGNANI AMPS productions, marked by the trademark drawn by the Italian artist "Maurizio Monti".


Among a amply and the other, my experience and my projects are required by other sectors in development, such as automotive diagnostics and the launch oft audio/video spot with sensors of presence connected to midi interface, also installed in the most famous and prestigious Italian automobile store and equally known art galleries. In 2007, CICOGNANI and FBT have joined together their reciprocal strenghts to present to the market a complete range of guitar and bass amplifiers with their own signature sound for today'shighly demanding professional musicians.

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