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Hiwatt was a British company that manufactured amplifiers for electric guitars and electric basses. Starting in the late 1960s, together with Marshall and Vox, the company contributed to the sonic image popularly termed "British sound".

Another lesser-known branch of Hiwatt production involves various effect pedals and units.


The Who and Pink Floyd were the most well known users of HIWATTs. Later that year, Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin) had HIWATTs custom made for him. Jethro Tull and Manfred Mann were other famous users at that time.


When Dave Reeves died in 1981, the control of the company was taken away from the Reeves family. The rights to the Hiwatt name have been used by a number of companies since, most recently Fernandes (in Asia and the US) and Music Ground (in Europe). The current companies have no relationship to the original Hylight company other than legal ownership of the Hiwatt name, but they are manufacturing guitar and bass amplifiers with similar cosmetics and circuit designs as the originals.


David Gilmour still used "a pair of Seventies 50-watt Hiwatt combos in the studio and "the power stage of six 100-watt Hiwatt heads during the 1994 Pink Floyd The Division Bell Tour.

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