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Jean Larrivée first became interested in the guitar as a teenager, trying to play Duane Eddy licks on an $18 guitar. At twenty, with no other musical training in his background, he made the decision to take up a serious study of classic guitar. Four years into this study, he was introduced to German classical guitar builder Edgar Mönch, who was then working in Toronto. Jean expressed interest in learning how to build, Mönch invited him to visit his shop, and so began an apprenticeship.


Jean built his first two guitars under Mönch's tutelage before setting up a workshop in his home, where he continued to build and study. The energy which had fueled nightly five hour practice sessions was now directed toward learning to construct instruments. He had found his life's work.


Today Jean, his wife Wendy, his son Matthew and daughter Christine all work in the California plant producing the gloss finish guitars. Jean's other son John Jr runs the Canadian plant which produces our satin models.


Since the move, our company has continued to grow. Reflecting this growth, and our continued deployment of leading-edge production tools, we also acquired two new Fadal CNC machines in spring, bringing our total CNC complement up to 8, as well as a Laser cutter. These additions to our factory have allowed us to achieve even higher levels of efficiency and quality control which benefit buyers and players of Larrivée guitars.”

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